How Microsoft's DRM Efforts Are Just A Market Grab

from the of-course-it-is dept

I’m sure that any article that begins “Can Microsoft be trusted?” will raise some disbelieving guffaws among readers. However, this article looks more deeply at Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management strategy, and suggests that the end game is to undercut competitors, and position itself (of course) as the one and only platform for digital media content. It’s the typical strategy. Give away some stuff for free to leverage the sales of other stuff. What’s amusing to me, is that this is exactly the business model that the entertainment industry doesn’t understand – as they fall hook, line, and sinker for it from the consumer side. Giving away stuff for free can tie customers in to other products that they need to pay for. It’s almost ironic that Microsoft is doing so with their DRM technology – which will be used by the music industry to prevent themselves from using the same strategy.

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