Microsoft Was Vulnerable To Worm Virus

from the oops dept

I’ve been passing on most of the stories about this weekend’s worm/virus/hack attack because I was waiting for the interesting angles to come out of them. The best, though, appears to be this story that among the victims who failed to correctly patch their SQL servers with Micrsoft’s security patch was… Microsoft itself. While initially this is a bit amusing, it does an excellent job highlighting the problems with the current method by which security patches are distributed. With new security alerts and patches coming out every day, it’s impossible to keep up. In fact, for most people, most of the time, it’s a complete waste of time, especially when comparing the actual risk to the “costs” of getting, installing, testing and fixing patches.

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Comments on “Microsoft Was Vulnerable To Worm Virus”

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1 Comment
dog news (user link) says:

Microsoft was vulnerable to worm

Yes, agreed, I’m bummed out.
Microsoft should just release a download url
for each patch
without making you jump through all their ridiculous hoops… javascript, ActiveX, Java
… I don’t want to have to activate these…
just gimme the patch… dog-gum-it
I can’t get my patches, even though I paid full price for XP… because Microsoft wants me to open wide and say ‘hack me’ please
anyway, here’s an url for you to help you find the XP Service pack 2 patches…
(this guy keeps up for the rest of us)
still… I wish Microsoft would help us little guys… if I get hacked, it’s Microsoft’s fault.
I’m trying my best…

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