VC Investment Falls Nationwide, But Rises In Silicon Valley

from the a-trend-or-a-blip? dept

It seems like every week yet another venture capital study shows up. These days, of course, they’re all pretty damn pessimistic. However, the latest one says that while overall venture investing was down last quarter, there was a blip upwards in Silicon Valley. Since so much of venture capital is invested in Silicon Valley, some are wondering if this is the start of an upward trend. While I always try to remain optimistic, and I’d like to believe it is a good sign, I’d have to wait for more evidence. The aritlce points out that the last time this happened was a year ago. The fourth quarter of 2001 also showed a blip up in Silicon Valley VC investments. My guess, is that these VCs who have been just sitting on their cash for the entire year are suddenly realizing that they haven’t made any investments all year, so it’s time to churn out the token investment to prove they still do something to earn their management fees. Let’s wait a few more quarters before we start claiming that the VC population has moved, en masse, back into investing.

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