Palladium Has No Name Anymore

from the tougher-to-criticize-that-way dept

In order to deal with all of the amazing amounts of criticism over Microsoft’s Palladium “Trustworthy Computing” initiative (and, perhaps more importantly, to end a pesky little trademark lawsuit over the word Palladium), Microsft has now announced that the project is no longer called Palladium. It’s now the amazingly catchy next-generation secure computing base. In other words, the more likely you are to forget what it’s called, the less likely you are to criticize it, in Microsoft’s eyes.

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Comments on “Palladium Has No Name Anymore”

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mgallagher says:


Actually nonsense on several counts.

First off, the suggestion by Mario Juarez that MS intended to change the name from the start is silly. What sort of marketing spends resources to establish a catchy, recognizable “brand name” with the intent of abandoning it for something that is almost meaningless and has no association to anything, product or manufacturer?

Second the last quote from Bill G. makes clear what Palladium is really about: ” we are working on a new hardware/software architecture for the Windows PC” In other words not software running on a generic platform, but a unified product as in Apple Macintosh.

Sounds like great way to capture a 5% market share 🙂

Finally, the Chinese certainly understand the concept of “privacy”. The word for it is a combination of the characters for “hide” and “private”. There just isn’t a single character equivalent.

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