The Race To Kill Kazaa

from the where-to-start? dept

Wired Magazine has their very own version of last month’s Washingto Post story about how the music industry is doing everything they can to try to track down (and then shut down) Kazaa. The article paints an even more confusing picture of how the company is really structured. It seems beyond the very odd set up of programmers in Estonia, servers in the Netherlands, the company in Vanuatu, all of the “executives” who work for the company in Australia aren’t really employees of the company. They’re contract workers. Even the CEO. The music industry says it’s all a front for the guy who runs Altnet out of LA. It seems that Kazaa’s strategy is to show that they have legitimate uses (via Altnet) while improving their file sharing abilities to draw more users. This way, they’re hoping, the courts rule that the legitimate uses make the overall software legal.

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