Washington Post Discovers EvDO

Someone at the Washington Post just discovered EvDO and wrote a gushing story about how much better it is than WiFi. Of course, at this point, it’s a completely useless comparison. We’re an incredibly long way from any serious EvDO rollout (unless you live in Duluth Minnesota). Also, if the wireless carriers ever did get serious about EvDO, who knows what sort of ridiculous pricing plan they would come up with. Knowing them, they’d be looking to charge people per minute they surf on the internet (or, even worse, per byte). In the meantime, various WiFi technologies will continue to spread, point by point. By the time any nationwide EvDO rollout were ready, WiFi will have grown and changed enough that the points on which they are compared today will have completely changed. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to find that WiFi will have greatly extended range and allow for roaming – which are the main points against it right now.

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