Hilary Rosen Resigns From RIAA

from the can't-take-the-heat dept

With all the stories we’ve been publishing lately about the music industry and the RIAA, I was just wondering what it would take to get Hilary Rosen to change her tune, and realize that she’s been doing more harm than good. However, I came to the conclusion that she was too deep into things to realize how incredibly she had screwed up the industry. The best we could hope for is new blood. It seems that wish came true sooner than expected. Rosen announced today that she’s leaving the RIAA at the end of the year. Of course, she says it’s for personal reasons, but I wonder if she’s getting pushed out. She also has this wonderful quote: “During my tenure here, the recording industry has undergone dramatic challenges and it is well positioned for future success.” Well positioned? I don’t think so. Of course, the leadership will probably just fall to Cary Sherman, who has been getting more publicity lately and seems to be just as short-sighted in his understanding of how new technologies impact the music business.

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Comments on “Hilary Rosen Resigns From RIAA”

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1 Comment
dkan24 says:

No Subject Given

woohoo! Even though the second in command (Cary) is just as bad, seeing Rosen leave is still funny and great.

I honestly think that I could do a better job than Cary or whoever they end up hiring. I have not worked a day in the industry, this new person will probably have worked 10 years there. And I still think I could do a better job as head of the RIAA. That’s sad.

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