Yahoo And AOL: Reversal Of Fortunes

from the how-quickly-things-change dept

People always like to judge success or failure of companies based on defined time periods, as if there is a clear beginning and end to “the game” of business. It generally makes people take very short-term views of judging businesses. For instance, it was just a couple of years ago that Yahoo looked like it was fading out, while AOL (with Time Warner) were supposed to be taking over the world. Now, this article is suggesting that the roles have been reversed, as Yahoo has regrouped and is growing, while AOL is struggling and collapsing. Of course, we shouldn’t get suckered into believe that now is the “end” of the game either. Two years from now, the reverse could be true again.

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Comments on “Yahoo And AOL: Reversal Of Fortunes”

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Doug says:

Re: Time Warner owns real things

Well, maybe at the moment they do, but…

“A top AOL Time Warner executive told investors on Thursday that the media behemoth hoped to spin off its cable television operations…

“Proceeds from that sale would likely be used to help finance the TWE transaction and pay down AOL Time Warner’s massive debt load” (C|Net, January 10)

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