Nokia May Have To Trim Expectations Due To Slow Camera Phone Sales

For a while now people keep talking about camera phones as being somehow revolutionary. Taking pictures with your phone and sending them to someone else has been mentioned quite often as the “killer app” for the next generation of wireless phones. The handset makers have priced such phones accordingly. There’s just one problem. Someone forgot to tell consumers why they should care. Expensive camera phone sales were much slower than expected for Nokia, which may force them to trim their expectation, according to some analysts. While I don’t deny the potential for camera phones, I do think that the carriers and the device makers need to do a better job explaining this to consumers. Certainly, there’s going to be some element of experimentation before people really determine why camera phones are useful – but as such the device makers would be better off pricing them cheaply and getting them into the hands of consumers, so that they had the ability to figure out what to do with them. Right now, it’s a high price for a “oh yeah, that might be nice to have”. Not the most compelling sales pitch.

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