Pornographer's Working On Anti-File Sharing Technology

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While everyone talks about how those other entertainment industries are getting ripped off by file sharing, there hasn’t been that much talk about how pornographers get ripped off by filing sharing as well. However, some in the porn industry say they’ve decided to embrace file sharing instead of fight it. We’ve had stories about this idea before (remember Pornster?). However, this article talks about a new technology that is supposed to “encode” pictures and video so that once you download it, it forces you to pay before you can view. Or even (the article isn’t entirely clear), let you view a few freebies before you have to enter your credit card. Basically, it sounds like a wrapper technology – something that’s been around for ages (and which has a history of not standing up very long to hack attacks). I doubt it will do much to help, though. Once the picture is decoded, it won’t take long for someone to take a screen shot, unencoded, and dump it right back into the file sharing universe.

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Comments on “Pornographer's Working On Anti-File Sharing Technology”

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acb (user link) says:

Porn and executable content

Would anybody in their right mind run executable content downloaded from a porn website? The porn industry is borderline-criminal, relying on Puritanical shame about its business to justify everything from pop-up ads to openly selling email addresses to spammers to silently rerouting users’ dial-up connections through Moldavia. What’s not to say that the DRM porn viewer won’t utilise your PC to send spam or something?

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