BellSouth Snips Wires In Florida

For years, companies have tried offering various fixed wireless high speed internet connections, and every time they seemed to back off rolling them out on a wider scale. None of the systems seemed to work as promised, and the biggest issue was always the “line-of-sight” requirement that would make sure that your receiver could have an unimpeded view of the transmitter (suggesting that if your neighbor’s tree grew too tall, you might be out of luck). Now, Bell South says they’re testing a new fixed wireless solution that does not require line-of-sight to work. Verizon and Sprint PCS are apparently running similar trials. While a working fixed wireless solution could be great, I’m not holding my breath until we hear more actual user experiences. I also wonder if fixed wireless solutions become quickly obsolete as other wireless solutions begin to catch on. If people can figure out how to cover wides areas with WiFi arrays, or if 3G technology ever (really) gets anywhere (and is priced properly), do we need fixed wireless broadband any more?

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