Pogo Forces Users To GPRS With 1 Day Of Notice

Pogo, the UK PDA maker that has gone through its share of difficulties lately (including pretty much shutting down before it was “rescued”), told its users that, from now on, they can only use the devices on the more expensive, faster GPRS networks. This, despite their own earlier advertising claims that the Pogo gave you 3G-like functionality on a GSM network. Users seem pretty angry that they’ve only been given a day’s notice on this, which does seem particularly customer unfriendly. Of course, the explanation for this is probably similar to what happens when most companies bring in a turnaround specialist: they make painful cuts quickly in order to fix the business. The problem, in this instance, though, is that the usual cuts involve employees. When the cuts involve your customers, you get badwill that isn’t always easy to replace.

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