Put The Compact Disc Out Of Its Misery

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Slate is running an article about the various

“new” compact disc technologies that apparently have much higher sound quality, but come with all sorts of annoyances that are preventing anyone from actually caring. Most of these annoyances all have to do with a backwards looking recording industry who is so afraid of people actually (gasp! no!) doing what they want with the music they buy, that they are willing to kill their own new format to prevent copying. This means that the players themselves have no digital output and you can’t buy a player that goes in your computer. All in all, the industry seems to be making sure that any of the reasons consumers might actually be drawn to these new formats is destroyed before it’s even had a chance.

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Comments on “Put The Compact Disc Out Of Its Misery”

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dorpus says:

Sound Projection

We could have a period of prolonged instability, because blue-laser discs and MP7 formats are appearing soon. Geeks will predictably get carried away in their own little wars about which is the better format, alienating the masses. Maybe people will learn to enjoy life more without industrially produced noise… I mean, music.

There is also sound projection technology, available in prototype form, that can literally cause voices to appear inside people’s heads. It would be so cool when police, advertisers, and repressive governments can start driving people literally crazy. Ghetto kids pulling up and forcing people to have rap music go off inside their heads.

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