Why RIAA Keeps Getting Hacked

from the they-know-nothing-about-technology dept

Wired News is wondering just why it is that the RIAA website keeps getting hacked. It was hacked earlier this week for the sixth time in six months, and apparently, they haven’t actually done much to solve the problems that make it so easy to get in. The theories in the article basically say that this shows just how little the RIAA actually understands technology – which is why their policies run so against technology. It makes for a nice story, but I doubt it’s true. The people who make the policy decisions for the RIAA have nothing to do with technology in any way – so it’s no surprise that they are a bit clueless in their policy-making. However, they’re completely separate from the people who should be securing the website. The only thing I can think is that no self-respecting geek sys-admin is willing to go work for the RIAA, meaning that whoever is running their web server isn’t the most clued-in techie. Even that theory might be wishful thinking as well. I’m sure some sys-admin out there would view protecting the RIAA website as a challenge, but apparently whoever they got isn’t very good.

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Comments on “Why RIAA Keeps Getting Hacked”

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marco (user link) says:

Re: They Need To Protect Artists, Not Corporate Thugs

Perhaps if the RIAA were to champion the “Open Publishing”
model they wouldn’t have had every single scr1pt k1d33
from every single country tag-teaming against them all
this year trying over and over until they got in.

Oh wait, “OpenSource” goes totally against what RIAA is all
about, huh? Trying to lock up information, data and truth
so tightly that only someone(s) with (a) very fat wallet(s)
can break in.

Looks to me like a “crime” was committed against criminals.
Since when is that a priority in the United States?

Oh wait, since the biggest criminal is in charge of the
highest position of perceived power, that’s when.

Now I understand.

So someone defaced their newsrelease pages.

I think my favorite defacement of all of them was:

message to world

Corporate music sucks for one reason
and one reason only. Because it is corporate.
Abolish it and let music as an art form live

thank you very much


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