A Better Fit For Online Fashions

from the clothing-shopping-online dept

I’ll admit that I never thought clothing would be a huge seller online. It just seemed too difficult to figure out if something really fit, or if it really looked the way it did in the picture. It seems I underestimated the group that does most clothing shopping: women. Now that the majority of online shoppers are women, online clothing shopping has become big business. While there clearly were some false starts, it seems that shopping for clothing online is here to stay.

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Comments on “A Better Fit For Online Fashions”

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dorpus says:

When will 3rd world makers sell directly?

Clothes sold in first-world nations are still an oligopoly of major retailers. Gap, Wal-Mart, all those guys still control the supply and set the price.

What if all those sweatshops in 4th-world countries start selling directly? We could start having deals like “100 T-shirts for $10”. We could create a culture of disposable clothes, where clothes are something you throw in the trash after a day.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: When will 3rd world makers sell directly?

Depends. We could have recycling bins for clothes. Use discarded clothes as a source of energy for bacteria designed to break down cotton and polyester.

Future generations would wonder how we could stand to wear old clothes — the notion of washing underwear and wearing it again would be a gross-out to them.

Fifty years ago, many people still lived in farms where the toilet served a dual purpose as a chicken feeder. If you weren’t careful, the chicken might peck your butt while you were shitting.

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