Father Of The DVD Fired From Warner Bros

from the what-you-get-for-being-visionary-these-days dept

While the initial reports just said that he left, now it comes out that Warren Lieberfarb, the man who convinced Hollywood to go DVD, was fired last week, after a difference of opinion on where Warner Brothers should go in the future. Lieberfarb is the guy who first convinced Hollywood studios to support the DVD format, and then pushed for having DVDs be cheaper so they were more likely to be sold than rented. It seems like this is a guy who actually understands how Hollywood can produce something that consumers want – which is not something you see everyday coming out of Hollywood. He says he has no plans for now, but I imagine he’s in great demand. He’ll probably end up at a competing studio, but it would be nice to think that he might end up doing something really “controversial” like running a file sharing company.

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