User Sues Senior Execs For Giving Away Info, Harassment

from the that-can't-be-good dept

A somewhat confusing article in the NY Post tells the story (as I understand it) of a woman who signed up to use at some point. Instead of finding a match, however, she’s now suing senior execs at’s parent company, Ticketmaster. She claims that Ticketmaster’s Executive VP of Sales intercepted her messages in order to “harass, annoy, humiliate, embarrass and injure” her. The lawsuit also claims that someone at put her info up on a site of women looking for women. The article implies that the Ticketmaster VP did all this after being spurned by the woman in question (I’m assuming via a meeting). The details on all this seem a little sketchy, and the article is so poorly written I’m not even sure I’m getting the story exactly right, but I think that’s the basics of it.

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