Internet Spammer Can't Take What He Dishes Out

from the absolutely-classic dept

A few weeks ago, the Detroit Free Press had the story of yet another spammer, Alan Ralsky, bragging about his big house and how he’ll never stop spamming. It seems some of the fine folks over at Slashdot looked up the address of his new home and convinced more than enough people to make sure that Ralsky knew what it felt like to get a ton of unwanted advertising. He’s been getting lots of junk snail mail every day, and man, does he seem pissed off. That he doesn’t realize the irony in the situation is both a little scary and a little sad. He says that the people who signed him up for all this our “out of their minds” and accuses them of “harassing” him. He’s now planning on suing them. How is it that he’s not harassing all of us with his “greatest business model in the world” spam? If he gets away with his proposed lawsuit, then, clearly everyone who receives any of his spam needs to sue him using the exact same charges.

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