ICANN At-Large Reps Can Keep Jobs… For A Few More Months

from the how-nice-of-ICANN dept

In the face of a ton of criticism the folks at ICANN have decided to let the publicly elected ICANN reps keep their jobs for just a few more months. There’s really no explanation why they’re doing this, and the only sensible idea is that they’re trying to deflect some of the negative publicity they’ve been getting for suddenly deciding that actually allowing the public to elect board members was dangerous – without ever giving a good reason why. Karl Auerbach (the most outspoken of the soon to be kicked off board members) says that this is just a ploy to diffuse some of the criticism. ICANN’s President Stuart Lynn responded to this accusation with quite a bit of anger. You can see he’s kind of sick of all the criticism, but he never seems willing to admit that the critics might have a point. It seems the best argument he can come up with right now is that they don’t want to have elected board members because they can’t figure out how to hold an election. Whoever thought that the difficulty in setting up democracy was really just a logistical problem?

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