Incorporated Man Makes Murder Confession Online

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I’ve been seeing this story all over the place this morning, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it – but it should certainly generate some conversation. First, a man confessed online to the murder of a police officer that happened last week in California. However, he used the confession to say that he did so after incorporating himself, suggesting that he’s not responsible, since he was acting on behalf of the corporation. It appears to be an extremely twisted way of pointing out that corporate crime seems to only receive slaps on the wrist (if that much), where as individual criminals get huge sentences.

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Comments on “Incorporated Man Makes Murder Confession Online”

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1 Comment
Kornbelt (profile) says:


One cannot incorporate ones self. A corporation is a legal fiction created by the state at the request of the stockholders. The “corporate veil” only applies to civil actions and liabilities, not criminal. For example, a corporation going bankrupt will not affect the the individual assets of the stockholders (unless fraud is a factor.) This does not apply to criminal activity. The guy is seriously ignorant.

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