Email Helps With Fear Of Dentist's Drill

from the share-your-pain dept

Having recently visited a new, more modern, dentist than the old school dentist I was used to seeing, I was impressed to discover they had TV screens for me to watch while my teeth and gums were being radiated, probed, scraped and whatever else it is they do in my mouth. It seems that even my newer, up-to-date dentist is a little behind the times, as others have found that letting their patients surf the web and do email seems to have a calming effect on them. If that’s no good, they can adjust their special “relaxation chairs” while watching a movie on a set of personal video goggles. Of course, they’ve also found that the slightly less high-tech idea of making sure there’s a smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the office helps as well. Clearly, I need a new new dentist.

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