The End Of The Hardware Era?

from the no-more-big-iron dept

It used to be that the big business in the tech industry came from those selling the hardware. Businessweek is pointing out that Sun’s vision has now come (mostly) true – and the “network is the computer”, meaning that the hardware component has really become a commodity piece in the puzzle. The real money is in what can be done with that hardware, and the software and services to make it happen. Thus, they suggest, the hardware era is ending – and the focus is on providing service and software. This is clearly evident in the moves made over the past few years by IBM, as well as the HP-Compaq merger.

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Comments on “The End Of The Hardware Era?”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Sun is one of few vendors that have monopolized the hardware/software package. Sun OS can theoretically work on PC’s, but all the pressure/effort/focus goes into proprietary Sun-Sparc hardware. Fujitsu came out with generic Sparc hardware, but nobody noticed.

Whatever became of the “netputer”, the glorified 90s term for a dumb terminal?

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