Metropolitan Opera Takes Down Fan Site Over Trademarks And Copyright

from the fan-site?--get-it? dept

Where do these lawyers come from? I understand the idea that you have to protect your intellectual property in all instances to lay claim to really blatant misuse, but this is just getting stupid. Earlier this year Major League Baseball forced a bunch of fan sites offline for violating trademarks, and now the same thing has happened for a fan site of the Metropolitan Opera. Lawyers for the Met sent the site a cease-and-desist letter and made them take down the site. Thanks to loud complaints, the Opera’s general manager is going to talk to the site owner to see what they can work out. Let’s face it, though: this is getting out of hand. This is not what intellectual property was supposed to be about at all. This is a fan site. They were helping the opera. For free. Because they loved opera. These lawyers need to get a grip.

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Comments on “Metropolitan Opera Takes Down Fan Site Over Trademarks And Copyright”

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1 Comment
C&D says:

No Subject Given

lawyers must be paid based on volume of for C&D letters, send 1 get paid 1,000, send 1,000 get paid 1,000,000. I can figure all copyright lawyers working on google getting new targets for their C&Ds and spam them.

yep, they re spammers. Got spammed by one myself, replied with founded arguments in my favor, he never got back to me. Real spamming wanker. Do you want his email ?

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