Yet Another Spammer's Story

from the so-depressing dept

I’m beginning to wonder about the recent popularity of these “profile of a spammer” stories. I recently heard the head of the Wall Street Journal’s Silicon Valley bureau talk about what a great success their “profile of a spammer” story was. Now the Detroit Free Press is running their own such spammer profile story. They all sound the same. The spammers themselves come off as pompous idiots who don’t see anything wrong in what they do. They always do something to exaggerate their successes and try to show off how wealthy they’ve become by spamming. I’ve (unfortunately) dealt with a few scam artists in my life, and one thing they always try to do is present some expensive item (or property) of theirs as evidence as to how successful they are. People who are really successful may buy expensive things, but they’re much less likely to talk about them and say “see how rich my business made me?”. I still doubt that the spammers are really making the type of money they claim they are. These people are natural scam artists and bottom feeders. They’re not above spamming, and they’re not above lying.

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