Will Watching DVDs Replace Going To The Movies?

from the possibly dept

While we were just talking about how DVDs were bringing in boatloads of cash for the movie industry, sometimes surpassing box office revenues, Salon now has an article wondering if the experience of watching a movie on DVD beats going to the movies? The article points out, of course, some things about going to the theater can’t be replaced. However, the quality on DVDs – especially of remastered releases of old movies, is so much better, seeing movies “as they were meant to be seen” now might mean seeing them at home on DVD, instead of in the theater.

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Comments on “Will Watching DVDs Replace Going To The Movies?”

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thecaptain says:

Re: Movies

Not all cinemas are small, HOWEVER, its unfortunate that the newer megaplexes popping up everywhere, where the seats are normal size are so damn expensive. Around here its 12.50 (can. funds) per movie…and lets not mention the food prices. A night at the movies with my gf easily goes up to 50$ when you add in food and taxes.

And then there’s the proliferations of assholes who just LOVE to ruin it for everyone else. I’ve gone to 3 movies recently and at everyone there were at least 2-3 laser pointers putzing about on the screen…then there’s the obnoxious chatters (not quiet..but loud to the point of shouting) and kids just being kids I guess….

All that adds up to DVDs being WAY more enjoyable than the movies…especially since its only a few bucks more to OWN the damn movie.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Re: Movies

I bought a green laser pointer. It has the same energy output as a red laser, but it’s about 50x brighter to the human eye. Now when someone is playing with a laser pointer in a theater, I turn around watch to see where it’s coming from, then light them up with my own laser.

Since most people have never seen a green laser, and since it’s so visible that you can see the actual beam cutting through the air in a dark room it tends to ilicit an immediate response and I don’t see any more red dots.

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