No Evidence In Betting Scandal

from the the-odds-are-against-it dept

A follow-up story on yesterday’s article about how an insider at the company that makes the wagering software used by OTB probably helped his fraternity brothers win $3 million by changing their bets in the computer. It seems that the software used by AutoNote is pretty damn old, and keeps no record of what people do in the system. So, lawyers for the accused are claiming there’s no evidence that anything illegal was done. The only “evidence” is the amazing “coincidence” that the only winner of an incredible longshot (who just happened to place that same longshot bet six times) is good buddies with someone who had access to, and could make the changes in the system.

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Comments on “No Evidence In Betting Scandal”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Greed will eventually catch up to you...

He should have played it smart, made the bet one time and been happy with the $500K instead of getting greedy and making the same bet 6x. Or, he should have started making similar bets, betting the same longshot bet 6x each time and built up a history of multiple oddball bets.

Unless he has proof that he always makes longshot bets and always bets the same bet multiple times, I think they’re going to find him guilty of this.

Heck, even with that proof, they might still find him guilty.

Who do you think is going to end up serving more time, the guy who made the bet, or the guy who (possibly) made the changes?

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