The Human Swiss Army Knife

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I have to admit, that I’m already having trouble figuring out how to carry around my mobile phone and my T-Mobile Sidekick at the same time (yes, I know the Sidekick works as a phone too, but it’s not a very useful phone). I often wonder about whether or not things will get even trickier as more and more portable devices come out. For instance, if I bought a portable MP3 player (finally), how would I carry that around as well? It seems that these wouldn’t be problems for a guy in France named Crazy Eric who has set a world record by carrying 1,300 items at one time, through a variety of well-designed clothing. Among the items listed is a blowup mattress, a change of clothing (of course), a digital camera, and a folded up umbrella. What’s missing from the story? A picture! I’m also curious how much all that stuff weighs.

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