Denial Is A River In Sunnyvale

from the missing-the-point dept

During the boom years, I had problems with Red Herring because their entire purpose in life seemed to be to promote the companies their friends founded. Now that they don’t have those friends to promote any more, it seems they’re spending some of that effort whining about how bad things are these days. This opinion piece says that things in the technology world are awful because VCs aren’t funding companies and Wall Street won’t take tech companies public and they simply can’t get excited about companies bootstrapping themselves to create something great. Admittedly, the magazine is called “Red Herring”, so their focus on the Wall Street/VC side of things is to be expected, but to lay out their biases so strongly seems strange. Why should I take advice from a magazine that only is interested in the money and has no love of the technology itself? There are plenty of people out there who are excited about what’s going on in the technology world these days. Let’s hear from them instead of complaining that your friends and family stock isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

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