New Portal Loses The Ads

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For years we’ve been saying that companies that focus on business models that involve pissing off their customers are only asking for trouble. Their argument is that they need to do that to make money, but my argument is that it’s a losing battle. Pissing off your customers encourages new entrants to enter your market, and provide your customers what they want, without pissing them off. A creative business knows how to build a profitable company by offering people something they want, instead of forcing them into situations they hate. One of the companies that has increasingly been going down the wrong road lately is Yahoo! who has said repeatedly that they need to have more intrusive advertising in order to survive. The increasingly annoying advertising has opened up an opportunity for a new company to come along and offer a portal that promises no banner or pop-up advertising. I have to admit that I’ve become increasingly frustrated with, which is still my homepage (as it has been since 1996). I’m now going to give this new a shot.

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