The Canary Has Landed

Microsoft and Orange have announced that the first Microsoft Smartphone 2002 phone will launch later this month in the UK. Orange is branding the device SPV which stands for Sounds, Pictures, Video. The SPV is based on HTC’s Canary design and will sell for about $277 with a camera attachment. American wireless subscribers will have to wait to till mid 2003 before they can get their hands on a Smartphone 2002 device. Microsoft has been talking about Smartphone (aka Stinger) for a good three years. This launch gets them in the smartphone battle with Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Siemens, and Samsung. All of whom, with the exception of Samsung, are commited to Symbian. Samgsung is hedging its bets with plans for Palm, Microsoft and Symbian based devices. Update: infoSync has a review of the Orange Canary.

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