Direct Marketers Want Anti-Spam Laws

from the amazing,-but-true dept

Just how far do you trust the Direct Marketing Association? The folks that love to bother you any which way they can, have suddenly “changed their mind” and say they now support anti-spam laws – something they’ve historically opposed. They have, apparently, finally realized that legitimate marketing messages are getting tossed out with the crap spam, making it much harder for them to make a living. However, it’s a fine line they’re walking on these days – as many people do consider what they do spam as well. So, they’re willing to talk about “some” anti-spam laws – but they might not be the laws that are useful. For instance, they still oppose any sort of “opt-in” in requirement saying that it has to be opt-out. The reasoning they put forth for this idea comes out like gibberish to me: “We think the opt-in creates a true noneconomic model.” Huh?

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