Choking On Spam Could Lead To Quitting Cold Turkey

from the no-more-email-for-you dept

It never fails. A technology columnist is having writer’s block so he or she opens Outlook (they always use Outlook, don’t they?), sees all the spam and writes a column mentioning the subject lines of all the spam they get. Some of them are amusing, but the one thing I found interesting in this column is his idea that suddenly life seems a lot more peaceful on days when email stops working. It used to be that email was a convenience, but thanks to spam, it’s now a pain to be avoided.

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Comments on “Choking On Spam Could Lead To Quitting Cold Turkey”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I’m getting kind of tired of all this ‘Spam will kill email” nonsense that tech writers keep offering up as news. A guy who makes his living writing about technology should be able to implement an effective anti-spam program in under an hour. We’ve talked about many of them here in the last few months. 90% of the spam targeted at my household never even makes it to my inbox. A simple whitelist using nothing more than the built in filters of my email client leaves almost all the spam on the server. Once a day I peek at the server, make sure nothing useful is hiding there, and delete the rest. It takes me all of 30 seconds a day.

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