Small ISPs Holding Their Own

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For at least three years now I’ve used a tiny dialup ISP that I found doing a random search online. As far as I can tell, it’s run by a husband and wife team based out of Seattle. I signed up with them because I didn’t need all the extra crap a big ISP gives – I just wanted a dialup connection to the internet to use when my broadband was down, or when I was travelling. It’s been great, and I’ve been very happy with the company. It seems that more and more people are discovering the wonders of mom and pop ISPs and realizing you can often get a better deal and better service by going with one of them.

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Comments on “Small ISPs Holding Their Own”

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1 Comment
Dr_Stein says:

true, but..

It’s too bad that draconian laws and legal issues make starting an ISP a very risky venture these days. One idiot lawyer could take a small ISP out.

Then there’s the PATRIOT Act, which made it quite a bit easier for the police to subpoena ISP records. Adds a lot of work onto small places.. =/

I looked into offering dialup for about 100 customers recently..these are the issues I was running into.

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