Slips Ads Into News Slots

from the desperate-times... dept

Taking a page from the shifty search engine playbook,, in their desperation for revenue, has started selling text ads that run alongside story headlines. According to this article, some people are getting confused. I went and looked briefly at, but couldn’t find any of the ads, so either they’re not always there, or they’re so well integrated that I completely missed them. On the whole, though, I think it does their readers a disservice to try to “slip in” advertisements. It certainly lessens the credibility of what people will expect to find when searching for the latest news at CNN.

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Comments on “ Slips Ads Into News Slots”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

You got it wrong. Its “mega-super-hyper-ultimate-platinum”.

I don’t think the small outlets are any better. Stories are released based on someones opinion. Due to the politising of absolutely everything you’re bound to get a slant one way our the other. All other stories are to scare you. If you feel threatened you’ll watch more or read more papers. The problem is that revenue is far more important than integrity.

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