Is That Your Fridge On The Internet?

from the you-would-never-need-to-leave-the-kitchen-again dept

Why bother leaving the kitchen ever again? LG Electronics is selling their internet-enabled refrigerator for the low low price of $8,000. For this you get a 26 cubic-foot place for your food, as well as an LCD screen on which you can watch TV or surf the internet. It also will store recipes and let you leave notes for others in your family. That’s right, for eight grand you can replace your $250 fridge, a notepad, and $2.50 white board with many thousands of dollars of useless refrigerator. No wonder these devices are apparently “collecting dust” at the local Fry’s. Update: Here’s a somewhat related story about an Italian appliance maker who is looking to connect their machines to the internet, but to decrease service costs.

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Comments on “Is That Your Fridge On The Internet?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

fridge for $250 — a full-size refrigerator is 3 times that and a smaller one is usually more expensive, until you get down to those little dorm-cube sized ones.

I’ll take your word for it. I remember, though, that the fridge I bought, which is still happily sitting in my kitchen, about four years ago cost me $250. Must have been quite a deal.

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