The Onion's Take On The RIAA Lawsuits

from the brilliant dept

2Lazy2Register writes in with a link to the Onion. Of course, the Onion is always funny and should be required reading, but I usually won’t post stories from it. This one, however, is so dead on, and so perfect for what we’ve been arguing about for a while that it deserves to be posted. It’s describing the RIAA suing radio stations for freely distributing commercial music. You could take this article and change just a few of the references from “radio” to “file sharing” and you would see the type of article you normally see in the news today. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people from the RIAA actually thought that this was a good idea (and, yes, before the extra picky among you speak up, I know radio stations pay fees to the recording industry). The only thing that’s really missing from the article is having the RIAA refer to “stealing” and “piracy” in every other sentence, and using my favorite phrase: “it’s no different than going into a store and walking out with a CD you didn’t pay for”.

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