Technology's Big Thinkers Discuss Hits And Misses

from the never-make-predictions-about-the-future dept

The Wall Street Journal (republished at Yahoo) interviewed six “big thinkers” in technology to ask them about predictions they have made concerning technology. From each one, they found out their biggest miss, their biggest hit, and what they believe in right now. Interestingly, I think that a lot of the “missed” predictions were just a little too quick in their time line, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them do eventually come true. Also, a lot of the “hits” were from a very long time ago. I wonder how many of those “hits” actually helped make the careers of these guys? Maybe that’s the secret to being such a “big thinker” that the Wall Street Journal wants to talk to you. Make some predictions and hope that one of them comes true.

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