Leave Us Alone Legislation Passed In California

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The constant interruptions are getting worse. Despite having an unlisted phone number, I’ve been receiving a lot of unsolicted, recorded phone spam messages lately at home. I’ve recently started getting junk faxes. And, of course, I get a ton of email spam. The state of California is trying to do something about some of these, by signing a bunch of different bills into law to help stop some unsolicted advertisements. Specifically, the laws strengthen junk-fax laws by ditching weaker state requirements in favor of stricter federal ones, add some changes to do-not-call lists, and ban unsolicted spam text messages to mobile phones. Of course, I expect the real end result of this will be… nothing. It seems that spammers of all type really don’t care at all about these laws, and will continue to flout them.

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Comments on “Leave Us Alone Legislation Passed In California”

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Dr_Stein says:


I’m a little tired of hearing about how legislation is useless because spammers will ignore it. Are we supposed to just say “oh well” and forget about it? Let them get away scot free? I don’t understand that. Technology solutions work, but spammers constantly evade them. (Example.. instead of having the word “remove” they put “rem0ve”)
I support such legislation, especially when it will help me get rid of the 10 + telemarketing calls I get per week.

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