Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Bush's CyberSecurity Plan

from the what-have-you-got-to-say? dept

Well, it seems that everyone and their siblings have been leaked a copy of Bush’s cybersecurity “plan”. There’s certainly no shortage of opinions on it, so I’ll just link around so you can read a few for yourselves. If you want to see the actual document, you can look at jpegs or even the efax version. SF Gate says the plan lacks teeth. MSNBC says it goes to soft on corporations and is more of a “Smokey the Bear” education campaign – a feeling that is echoed by Dan Gillmor and Declan McCullough. However, some point out that at least it’s getting attention directed at the subject of cybersecurity. Update: Apparently realizing that all the criticism wouldn’t look good, the White House is now saying that tomorrow’s official release of the document is now just a draft, and companies (not individuals?) will get 60 days to comment on it before they release the real version.

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