Downloading Is Not Immoral Or Illegal

from the finally dept

The head of the Consumer Electronics Association is finally fighting back against the entertainment industry. In reality, he’s not “fighting back”, he’s simply letting them know that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not providing customers what they want. He pointed out that, “the entire theme of the copyright community is that downloading off the Web is both illegal and immoral. It is neither.” More to the point, he explains that the entertainment industry is employing a “scorched earth” strategy, where they’re destroying everything in their path – including their own businesses.

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Comments on “Downloading Is Not Immoral Or Illegal”

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1 Comment
Adam says:

It's not the right thing to do.

I think that what they are doing about this whole downloading thing is rediculous. If this is passed then they would turn hundreds of millions of people into criminals. It is not fair cause were not the ones putting the movies on the internet. Most of us dont know who is doing that. But you can’t punish the whole world. I mean the people who are dumb enough to put the movies on the internet are asking for it. Were not the ones to blame. Yeah we download it, but it’s because we think it’s legal. We don’t know if it really is or isn’t. If you make it illegal for us to even have it, then your asking for the whole world to get into a riot. most of the people who download music are the ones who cant even afford to buy the cd. and some people are asking a friend if they can burn them a cd of their favoret songs on one cd because they know it will never come out the way they want. i know you think you have good intentions about all this, but you have to realize that there is too many of us out there downloading and it’s not fair if all the other countries have the right to download and be a better country than us and for us not to be able too. you can’t make the entire world suffer for what some people are doing. And if it’s such a big deal to the artists who claim to be loosing money, then why don’t you charge everyone who downloads songs like 10 dollars a month. If you dont like that idea, then think of it like this, if you take 10 dollars from at least 60 million people, that would be alot of money for each artist to have. If you did that, then everyone would be happy and you wont be thought of blood sucking money draining, bastards. Dont get mad at me, thats just what i’ve heard.

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