Dot-Com Refugees Flee To Peace Corps

from the like-generations-before-them dept

Where does one go to atone for their dot-com sins? The Peace Corps of course. Applications from the Bay Area are up 12% from two years ago, twice the national average. I’m sure for many it’s a way to do some thing different and fresh. I’ve recently spoken with friends in the Bay Area who are thinking about leaving and doing something completely non-tech related.

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Comments on “Dot-Com Refugees Flee To Peace Corps”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Same hype, different scene

It seems to me the same crowd of phoney people who were the dot com cheerleaders are now wanting to become the White Masters of developing nations, to Save The World(tm).

This line at the end of the article got me:

““Even if I’m just teaching people how to browse the Web, that’s good enough,” Strolle said. “I don’t need to be knee-deep in code.””

What this shows is a basic laziness. Where is the willingness to roll up his shirt sleeves and teach refugees to get knee-deep in code?

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