The Man Who Hates Google

from the they're-evil dept

How could anyone hate Google? For many people, it has become their “other” brain. It’s amazingly powerful at finding what you need. However, there’s one guy who is not at all pleased with Google. He’s a bit paranoid about their cookies, which is silly, because Google works without cookies as well. The thing that really pisses him off, is the fact that they don’t rank his website highly enough. Because of this, he has concluded, Google’s PageRank system is obviously flawed and has to go. It seems what he really wants is a Google with results that match his worldview. I have a really simple suggestion for this guy: go build your own search engine that does that.

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Comments on “The Man Who Hates Google”

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Kap says:

Re: Re: Google is a good service

Sure, most any decent search engine will get you the same results, but I like google cause I can go to, or and I still get where I want to go. Spelling is one of my main weaknesses. 🙂

Ironically, I found this thread by searching on Google for “I hate Google”. 😛

Borshe says:

Re: Re: Re: Google is a good service

Well Kap, you must hate Google too then. Why else would you type “I hate Google”? You don’t type something like that in unless you really feel that way.

I can’t stand Google, and I realize I’m probably in the minority. It’s over-hyped, over-rated, and over-used. Also, it is blah and plain, not pleasing to the eye. You’d think they’d get a nicer design.

I see no advantages of Google over other search engines.

My opinion!

Kap says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Google is a good service

I wouldn’t really say that just because I type it means I believe it. I just get bored and that seemed like it might entertain me for a few minutes. It’s along the same lines as asking Jeeves “Is there anything you don’t know?” He always had a hard time answering that.

When it comes down to it, what makes a good search engine good is two things. 1. Good programming. 2. Being popular and having lots of sites to submitted. This means that good search engines come and go with their popularity and I just tend to use one until something better comes along.

Make no mistake about it, one day (sooner or later) a new search engine will replace Google as “the people’s search engine.” It’s just the nature of the game.

Grouchy says:

Frustrated with Google

Once upon a time, there was a myriad of search engines. Maybe you didn’t get a good ranking in one, but you did in another. But, with the rise of the Google Monster, if you don’t get ranked well, you’re screwed, especially if your website is your business. Now you have the rise of people trying to cheat the ranking algorithm on Google because it has almost become the only game in town. You end up with things like urls with http://www.keywords-I‘ The results are getting crappier. I used to like Google, but it’s become the M$ of the SE world. I hope Yahoo! with Inktomi and M$’s venture makes the playing field a little more diverse again.

John says:

Google can be tough

Hey Mike,

Google can be tough though and I’ll tell you why. I run quite a few e-commerce sites and I built a website that ranked well under a certain term – we’ll say ‘widgets’ – and ALSO ranked well for say ‘quality widgets’ which was a business segment that I was involved in, but not to a great extent. Since I ranked well under ‘quality’ widgets, I sold many and had to adjust my inventory requirements accordingly in order to meet demand. Sounds great, right? Well, its great until google changes its algorithms and suddenly your site no longer ranks well. As a result, inventory has to be depleted or liquidated so I had no choice but to opt for adwords and overture which on a cost per click basis made the sales of ‘quality’ widgets unprofitable. Lesson learned. Google DOES provide free marketing to companies, but don’t count on it, you can only count on adwords and overture since it is PAID for. Google’s relevance algorithm has the ability to quite literally put you into a business segment that you had no idea you were targeting. On my new site I am refusing access to the googlebot simply because I do not want the profit/loss column to be skewed by the ‘free’ marketing potential of google. From what I’ve read google’s algorithm changes from time to time and it changes often enough that it might be unwise to base long term business plans around the development of your website and how well (or poorly) it might rank with google.

C E P says:

i really dislike google

google is horrible. i may use it for some things but when i try to search for something i really need like mailing overseas thestupid thing doesnt have it. probalbly because the website makers dont want to put it in their site b/c of their theme they have but people that have a theme that involves mail they should have something about it. but anyway google should find something. they search for like a billion they shoul have something that helps me

Frank Horsefall says:

Re: lol

I used to love google, it seemed that sites that were relevent got the great listings. Not anymore.

For instance I needed an “APOSTILLE” (a sort of official seal) for a my Birth Certficate and College Degree so I could work abroad.

I did a search in google and got a bunch of vague references to apostilles on sub-pages of some government websites.

Out of curiosity, I typed into my browser and got in a flash, a service that has all the info I needed and got me the apostille I needed.

I checked their “relevence” according to google and found them on page 5 of search results for apostille.

Work that out google?

That is why I, and millions of others are leaving your search engine in our droves.

Google blows!

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