Judging Silicon Valley's Mood And Soul

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I’ve posted a number of stories looking at the mood in Silicon Valley or from people if Silicon Valley has lost its soul. The SJ Merc has a bunch of stories on this topic today, as Dan Gillmor writes about reasons to be optimistic, and Michael Malone explains how Silicon Valley has a history of reinventing itself every few years (suggesting that we’ll come out of the latest mess without any problems). However, the most interesting is an article that looks at and compares all the various major media articles about Silicon Valley’s mood. It seems that some local papers in other areas look upon Silicon Valley’s “downfall” with glee. However, in the end, they point out that a lot of talent still looks to head to Silicon Valley first. Even in these times, we’re drawing a ton of smart people (who then help to overcrowd the roads, and drive up housing prices, but I digress…).

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Comments on “Judging Silicon Valley's Mood And Soul”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

some local papers in other areas look upon Silicon Valley’s “downfall” with glee

It could be worse. For most of the winter, the local papers and TV news outlets were positively gleeful at the demise of the local tech economy in Seattle. They’ve moderated lately as (stop me if you’ve heard this) they figured out that alienating your customer isn’t good for business.

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