Broadband Adoption Picking Up

from the the-need-for-speed dept

Some friends of mine recently moved into a new apartment without doing the necessary pre-lease-signing check to see whether or not broadband access was available to that location. After a variety of frustrations, they’ve discovered it’s not. It seems their desperation level is rising, as I noticed a tin can and instructions on how to create a home-made WiFi catching antenna on their living room floor this weekend. Another friend, in the same situation, discovered he could get DSL only if he pretended to be a business and purchased it as a corporate entity. It seems that more and more, people are considering broadband internet access as a necessary utility. While many people were sticking with dialup, they’re starting to finally switch over, as new promotions are gaining interest. Of course, some people are changing their minds when things like the aesthetics of the cable get in the way (someone tell this guy about setting up a WiFi router, please…).

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