Teachers Lack Internet Skills

from the teens-want-more-help dept

A new study shows that teens are complaining that their teachers lack internet skills, making it difficult for them to teach the kids how to better use the internet for their schoolwork. Most teachers admit that they’re “novices” when it comes to the internet. While many more schools are installing internet connected computers, and the teens themselves are often internet savvy, it would help if teachers understand how to better integrate it into their curriculum. I imagine this is the sort of thing that will eventually disappear over time. Update: Reuters has a slightly different version of this story with a few more details.

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Comments on “Teachers Lack Internet Skills”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Why teach the internet

The kids are well versed in the internet. They know how to use the ‘net for fun, learning and research. The teachers would be better off focusing on traditional subjects such as math. The schools would also be doing the students a favor by offering a class or two on programming. This way the students will have a better idea if computer science is something they’d really want to major/minor in.

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