DVR Sales Slower Than Expected

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At this point, a fairly large percentage of my friends have TiVo or TiVo-like digital video recorder products. They’re very cool, and I’ve come close to buying one many times over the past year or so. I think my main issue is that I have 3 televisions in my house, and a TiVo would only work on one. I know that companies (such as Moxi, before they were acquired) have talked about offering a DVR that will let you share programs on multiple TVs within a household. Ever since I heard that, I think it’s made me wait. I’m sure it’s for other reasons, but it seems that plenty of people are waiting to buy DVRs, as the adoption rate is still well below expectations. In most cases, though, I think that consumers simply don’t understand the benefits of having a DVR. Of course, most of those predictions were also made at the height of the economic boom, when it was easy to exaggerate how quickly a cool new consumer electronics device would catch on. I think, over time, DVR adoption rates will pick up steam as they get cheaper and easier to use (assuming that the entertainment industry doesn’t figure out how to ban/cripple them).

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Comments on “DVR Sales Slower Than Expected”

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msykes says:

Re: DVRs are cool

If you don’t have one, you need one. I agree though, it *can* be expensive -> if you have cable. The cable TiVo’s at least (aka StandAlone TiVo) are on the order of 3-400$, plus subscription. The DirecTiVo’s that work with direcTV on the other hand are more like 50-100$, which ends up being almost reasonable. TiVo released a series2 unit, but that seems to be at the same high price, and they’ve discontinued the older stand alone units, instead of continuing to offer them at reduced prices, which I think would have attracted a lot of consumers.

But if you can afford one, get off your lazy ass, go buy one, then get right back on your lazy ass and watch TV!


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