Making Spammers Pay

from the yet-another-plan dept

A couple months back we posted an article about a company trying to make spammers pay to send people emails. It seems they’re not the only ones. Here’s an article about another “make spammers pay” plan (though, amusingly, the CEO of this company claims they’re the “only” ones offering this type of service). Basically, it goes slightly further than a whitelist. Anyone who emails you has to get approval first – but if they get approval and you still think it’s spam you can prevent them from emailing you ever again… unless they pay. Of course, it’s unlikely that any spammer would bother even getting approval in the first place, let alone getting to the point where they would actually pay. So, this is really just a regular whitelist system with a “payment” mechanism that will never get used (other than to get the company some more publicity).

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