GPS Devices Against Crime

from the track-you-whereever-you-go dept

With all the talk of surveillance equipment like face recognition things, why not just install a GPS device in every living human being? Then we’d know where any single person was at any specific time. Okay, so that might have some privacy implications. However, they are becoming more popular for things like keeping track of criminals under house arrest. Some companies are also working on GPS devices for kids, which should find an enthusiastic market from parents watching too much sensational TV about kids getting kidnapped.

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Comments on “GPS Devices Against Crime”

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dsg says:

GPS Devices Against Crime

The article doesn’t point out that GPS devices are incredibly sensitive. Use indoors is out of the question, heavily wooded areas are a pain and significate, stormy cloud coverage can cause it to be tricky. Walk under power lines and your position is a point for chaos theory. This is based on my (extensive) use of a Garmin eTrex Vista, bought in 2000, which is pretty old in tech years.

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