Warming People Up To Robots

from the that's-how-they-get-you dept

By now, you’ve probably seen or read about Honda’s Asimo robot. We’ve mentioned it here a number of times, and it’s been talked about just about everywhere. The latest, though, is that Honda is running commercials about the robot despite the fact that it isn’t actually for sale anywhere – nor likely to be for some time. They’re just trying to get people used to the idea that robots are friendly and should be amongst us. Yes, this does sound like the beginning to the plot of a sci-fi movie where the “friendly” robots advertised by the big (possibly evil) corporation turn on us humans.

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Comments on “Warming People Up To Robots”

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1 Comment
Kevin Joyce says:

Yeah but...

I’ve seen the commercial where the robot waves at the paper boy. Why would I want a robot that can wave at the paper boy? It better go get that paper right away and bring it to me and my fat ass so I can live my entire life in the same chair.
Seriously though – I hope when I’m old and senile robots will be a low cost alternative to nursing homes or live-in nurses.

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