Oracle's Out of Control Sales Culture

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An anonymous coward writes “Oracle’s fabled sales culture has broken down. Customers are angry, and Larry Ellison knows it. And, what he’s trying to do about it will shape the future of the world’s second-largest software maker. The August issue of Business 2.0 magazine reveals Ellison’s new master plan and reports on why Ellison insists that his “soothing touch” will modernize Oracle’s sales culture and set the company on a path to greater success than it has ever known. Thought the story might be of particular interest, considering the recent news about the state of California canceling its $95 million contract with Oracle.” This article has been out for a bit, and I actually read the paper version last month (Business 2.0 still insists on sending me the paper version even though I don’t pay them any subscription fees). However, I thought this article went well with Ellison’s announcement today that he personally vouches for the company’s financial statements, and he’s convinced there are no accounting shenanigans going on in Redwood City (or, at least, none that they can pin on him).

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